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From abandoned babies to families torn apart by war

LONG Lost Family is known for leaving viewers in flood of tears as separated relatives are brought back together.

Presenter Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell have witnessed some of the most emotional moments on television and we will take a look at some of the most heartbreaking scenes.


Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell are the presenters of ITV’s Long Lost FamilyCredit: ITV

Christine discovers she has six other siblings


Christine is reunited with her siblingsCredit: Free for editorial use

Christine was reunited with two of her sisters after being apart for 20 years in 2019.

She spoke of a very difficult time in her life when the three of them were separated when Christine was just four years old.

Delighted to see her sisters again, Christine’s world soon came crashing down after she was informed their mum passed away several years ago.

But long before she died, she had six more children with the girls’ father.

Reunited siblings David and Helen


David and Helens share an emotional reunionCredit: Wall To Wall Productions

Siblings David and Helen were both abandoned years apart.

In 1962, David was left on a car seat just outside Belfast, while Helen was left in a telephone box in Dandalk six years later.

Both of them were left in tartan bags, but their cases were never connected.

The pair embraced during an emotional reunion which aired in 2020, David said: “It’s absolutely wonderful. She’s more than I expected.”

The Unknown Solider


ITV aired a First World War special of the show in 2019Credit: ITV

In 2019, ITV aired a First World War special of the programme and viewers couldn’t hold back the tears.

Davina and Nicky followed a Ministry of Defence team who were trying to locate the families of unknown soldiers killed in the First World War.

They found a relative of an unidentified solider who watched poppies placed in the soil in a very emotive scene.

He said happily: “Now I know more of my history, I’ve got a family I can be proud of.”

Claire searches for her parents in Hong Kong


Claire went back to native Hong Kong to find her birth parents

Claire was abandoned on a stairwell as a baby and ventured to Hong Kong to search for her family.

Claire was adopted, but her adoptive mum died when she was 12, which made her even more determined to find her biological parents.

In very emotional scenes, she went back to the very same stairwell where she was left and the orphanage she used to live in.

Sadly, she did not find her birth mum and dad, but she did connect with a man who had lived in the building at the same time as her.

An emotional Claire said: “I can’t believe it. I’ve actually met somebody [who saw] me… in 1960. After all the emotion I’ve been through, at last I’ve had some good news.”

Robert and his dad


Robert’s dad tragically died two years after the pair first metCredit: handout


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An episode of Long Lost Family: What Happened Next featured Robert, who met his father who didn’t even know he existed.

Robert tracked him down in Croatia in 2015 and the pair kept in contact and calls grew less frequent, until they didn’t speak for a year.

When Robert went back to Croatia to find happened What Happened Next which aired in 2020, he found out his dad tragically died in 2017.

Long Lost Family searcher reunites with her sister after finding out about her while locked in a cupboard as a child


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