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Veteran charged with stealing $350K from border wall fund with Bannon says feds ‘made up’ claims to target Trump pals

BRIAN Kolfage has claimed that charges against him and Steve Bannon for conspiring to steal money from a fund to build a U.S-Mexico border wall are “blatantly false.”

Kolfage, 37, also alleged in an interview with the New York Post that charges leveled against him, Bannon and two others by the US Attorney in the Southern District of New York are “politically motivated” to hurt supporters of President Donald Trump.


Brian Kolfage is an Iraq war veteran accused of stealing funds from a campaign to fund the border wallCredit: Reuters


Former Trump advisor Steve Bannon was also indicted in the scamCredit: Reuters

“They made it up. It’s so blatantly false. If they can do this to us they can do it to anybody,” Kolfage told the outlet.

He continued: “Everyone knows that the Southern District is really the sovereign district. They do their own things. They went after Rudy [Giuliani]. They do what they want to do and it’s political motivated.”

Kolfage, an Iraq war veteran, launched a GoFundMe account called “We Build The Wall” in 2018 that raised more than $25 million for the president’s wall initiative — which was funneled into a nonprofit controlled by Bannon.

Kolfage worked with Bannon and defendant Andrew Badolato on a back-door deal that would secretly pay Kolfage and Bannon.

Prosecutors claim that Kolfage stole $350,000 of the money intended for the border wall to spend on luxury items including boats, an SUV, plastic surgery, jewelry, and home renovations.



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He is also accused of bringing his wife, Instagram influencer Ashley Kolfage, in on the sweet deal with the fund paying her for “media.”

“That never happened,” Kolfage told The Post.

He also claimed that the 40-foot boat, the Warfighter, was purchased a year before the fund was created.

Bannon has called his arrest a “fiasco” and claimed it’s an effort “to stop people who want to build the wall” after the former White House adviser was released on $5million bail.

Trump distanced himself from the We Build The Wall campaign after the charges were announced, claiming he “didn’t like that project.”

“I thought that was a project that was being done for showboating reasons,” Trump said.


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