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Woman in viral video who called Black man a ‘n****r’ in front of cops is fired from children’s hospital job – The Sun

A WOMAN caught on camera calling a black man a “n****r” while she was stood in front of cops on a street in Ohio has reportedly been fired from her job at a children’s hospital.

The blonde woman and her friend were caught on camera saying the racial slur in Columbus over the weekend.


The woman on the right has reportedly been fired from her jobCredit: Twitter

“What did you say, what did you say what?,” a man’s voice is heard saying from behind the camera.

“If I said n****r you can,” the dark-haired woman replies, before being cut off by her blonde friend who shouts the n-word loudly into the camera.

Three white cops were next to the pair, and one officer attempted to guide the women away from the person behind the camera.

“What you gonna do?” the man behind the camera screams at the cops. “She just said n****r!”


Her dark-haired friend who also said the n-word later posted an explanation on TwitterCredit: Twitter


The hospital released a statement across its social media accountsCredit: Twitter

The picture was tweeted out by the man, from his account @cloutlordbray, who said: “Krazy white girls can just say the n-word in my face and 12 won’t do a damm thing”.

He then added another video to the Twitter thread, showing the blonde woman lying on the floor, with the caption: “Police ain’t do s**t so mfs has to drop her ass told her I was gon get a bih to knock The racist out of her.”

The woman was later outed by a publication called Black Sports Online, which said she worked for the Nationwide Children’s Hospital, also in Columbus.

The Facebook account for the hospital posted a message on Monday saying it had terminated an employee.

“This past weekend a video of a Nationwide Children’s Hospital employee using a racial slur was widely circulated on social media. This employee’s conduct was extremely troubling, inconsistent with our values, and violated Nationwide Children’s social media policies.

“Due to the unique and public nature of this incident, Nationwide Children’s is taking the unusual step of announcing this employee was terminated.”

The hospital added: “All staff are encouraged to take advantage of the hospital’s many resources on diversity and inclusion. Additionally, the hospital will be announcing new resources and training programs to both advance a diverse and inclusive workplace, and help to end racism.”

A woman named Tana posted a lengthy message underneath the video that was uploaded to Twitter.

In the message, she says she is the dark-haired woman who is in the video, and adds that she is biracial.

“I’m aware of the video circulating that I am in with my best friend’s sister,” the message read.

“We have never been close and what she said is despicable. I am not in contact with her.


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“I was not aware she was saying racist things to anyway I thought she was being attacked because she’s an easy target because well she is.”

The woman continued: “In the video I am shown saying ‘if I say n****r you know I can bc I am a n****r, I’m black,’ but she cuts me off because she is so drunk so you cannot hear me.”

A Twitter account that belonged to the blonde woman has since been taken down.


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