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Special needs school for children with learning difficulties forced to close after coronavirus outbreak

A SCHOOL for children with learning disabilities has been forced to close after it confirmed multiple coronavirus cases.

High Park School in Heaton, Bradford, shut its doors after at least two staff members tested positive for the killer virus.


High Park School in Bradford, for pupils with communication and interaction difficulties, has been closedCredit: Ben Lack

A spokesperson for the school confirmed in a social media post that both the “cleaning and catering teams” were affected.

They added that the school is in “frequent contact with the staff who are affected”.

The statement came after the school said on Thursday that they have had cases of coronavirus in one of their ‘hubs’.

Following the active coronavirus cases, the school, which is listed as a specialist institution for pupils with communication and interaction difficulties, will be closed until Monday 6 July.

A spokesperson for the school said: “We regret to tell you that we have had two more staff with confirmed cases of Coronavirus.


“This affects both the Cleaning and Catering Teams and unfortunately we have had to close the school until Monday 6th July.

“We are in frequent contact with the staff who are affected.

“We are in constant contact with Public Health England and they have given us advice and support throughout this situation.

“We will continue to support families throughout this closure through wellbeing calls and please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries or questions.”

This comes as five schools in Leicester were forced to close earlier this week after pupils and staff tested positive for the virus.

Up to ten staff and ‘a couple’ of pupils were diagnosed with Covid-19 at the schools, which have temporarily shut.

Last week, Health Secretary Matt Hancock unexpectedly announced there had been a coronavirus outbreak had hit Leicester.


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Moat Community College, Herrick Primary and Whitehall Primary have all been closed for a deep clean.

Earlier this month,  Humberstone Infant Academy and Humberstone Junior Academy were closed ‘for the foreseeable future’.

The school lockdowns come as Britain’s death toll from the disease rose today past 43,500 after another 100 fatalities were recorded.


Two more members of staff were confirmed to have coronavirusCredit: Ben Lack


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